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American Universities Helped Fauci Cover-up the COVID Virus Origins

By Christy McLaughlin

The American College and University system has been an agent of China for years. Nearly 115 colleges received some sort of funding from China according to a Bloomberg analysis. The top three universities that received funds from China were Harvard University, University of Southern California, and University of Pennsylvania. Harvard as of 2020 received more than $90 million dollars in gifts and grants from China.

It has now become apparent, that the COVID-19 virus was manufactured and originated in a Wuhan lab. The Chinese Communist Party was aware of this through the hospitalization of several scientists from the Wuhan lab by November 2019. Whether or not China purposely released the COVID-19 virus from the Wuhan lab is yet to be determined. If the COVID-19 virus was released by China upon the world, then that was an act of war. However, there is no doubt that China allowed international travel to the entire world when they knew that there was a pandemic in the makings.

It appears that the college and university system were co-conspirators in the cover-up and maybe even the creation of the COVID-19 virus lab leak. In 2015, the University of North Carolina released a scholarly paper regarding their gain of function research finding that it was too risky and could very likely result in a mass pandemic. Gain of function research is a research methodology that converts common viruses into lethal and pathological viruses that results in potential bioterrorist weapons. The scientists that authored the paper worked with a SARS virus and found that the risk of an outbreak severely outweighed the benefits of further studies. One of the authors of that study was none other than Shi Zhengli lead Coronavirus researcher in the Wuhan Institute of Virology and an epidemiologist at UNC. To reiterate, the leading researcher that investigated creating a deadly SARS virus as UNC back in 2015 is also the researcher at Wuhan lab, known at the Bat Woman, where the COVID-19 virus was originated. The paper concludes that there was a risk of the SARS virus circulating and transmitting to humans. In other words, UNC knew that a deadly SARS virus created in a lab had the potential to transmit from human to human to start a world-wide pandemic back in 2015.

But, the colleges and universities that knew of the SARS virus origins and that were funded by China deliberately stayed silent and hid the truth from the American people. It wasn’t until the release of Fauci’s emails that the American people became aware that Fauci and the National Institute of Health knew that the COVID-19 virus could have originated in a lab and that they hid that fact completely from the American people. Fauci with the help of colleges and universities and the radical Democrats hid the origins of the virus to ensure that President Trump’s reelection was compromised. Despite Fauci’s clear corruption and lies of the origin of the virus, University of North Carolina never condemned Fauci and revealed the truth. The failure of UNC to report on their findings and the probable likelihood that the COVID-19 virus was manufactured in the Wuhan lab devastated the United States, destroyed our economy and played right into the Chinese Communist Party’s hands. It is important to note, that UNC receives approximately $522 million of funding from the National Institute of Health annually.

UNC, however, is not the only American university that has worked as an agent for the Chinese Communist Party. As mentioned above, hundreds of American universities received funding and grants from China, but also, some professors, investigators, and researchers of Universities work directly with and for China. In 2020, Harvard University’s professor Dr. Charles Lieber was charged for failure to disclose his foreign financial conflict with China while his research department received $15 million in funding from the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense. In 2011, Lieber worked directly with the Wuhan University of Technology as a Strategic Scientist while still working for Harvard University. He, also, worked and was paid by China’s Thousand Talents Plan which was designed to recruit scientific talent and scientific innovation for China and rewards intellectual property theft and the trade of American secrets. An Emory professor, Xiao-Jiang Li, was also working for China’s Thousand Talents Plan and pled guilty for not reporting his foreign income from China on his tax returns.

China is the greatest international threat to the United States. Even Joe Biden admits that Chinese leaders believe that China will own the United States by 2030. They attack the United States in various ways including indoctrinating students to support their Communist, Socialist regime through funding of Universities and Colleges. China funds professors all throughout the American university systems through Confucius Centers that promote Chinese Communist ideology. If China spends millions of dollars funding American universities and American professors they likely expect the return of investment of curriculum sympathetic to the Chinese Communist cause.

Though throughout the remainder of President Trump’s administration scientists undermined President Trump by claiming that his statements that COVID-19 was a lab created virus were conspiracy theories, it has since finally been revealed that President Trump was right all along and that the theory is not only possible it is probable. President Trump was awakening Americans to the serious threat of the Chinese Communist Party. Trump’s tariffs, tough trade deals, and America first agenda showed Chinese leaders that he would not stand idly by as the leader of the free world while China prepared to conquer the United States. Chinese leaders knew something had to be done and President Trump could not remain in office if they intended to fulfill their plan of overtaking the United States as the number one country in the world. China has infiltrated the United States by having Chinese spies work closely with high ranking elected officials, controlling the indoctrination that occurs in the colleges and universities, and committing covert acts of spreading COVID-19 virus.

Fauci all through 2020 denied that there was any possibility that COVID-19 never originated in a lab, even though emails now reveal that he knew of a possibility. Despite this, most scientists all throughout the world conspired to undermine President Trump and dismissed his revelations that the COVID-19 virus was manufactured and released in a Wuhan lab, by calling him a racist xenophobe. Even the most well-meaning scientists chose to ignore the evidence that COVID-19 could have and even probably was manufactured in the Wuhan lab because of their inclination to oppose President Trump. Fauci is the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which backed the National Institute of Health to fund the Wuhan Institute of Virology with more than $7 million in grants. American universities conspired to cover-up Fauci’s fraud, and America suffered the consequences.

It is very difficult to believe that all these Universities with their tight ties to China and immense amount of funding are unaware of the support they gave to strengthen the agenda of the Chinese Communist Party and the cover-up of the COVID-19 virus origins. The American College and University system is rife with corruption and all Americans are the victims. It is time to expose the deception within the college and university system and Defund the Colleges.

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